Energy Saving Products

>  Do you have trouble getting your children to turn the lights off?  Now you can install designer switches with occupancy sensors.  Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy Sensor-Dimmer saves up to 60% in lighting energy.  The sensor turns lights on when someone enters the room and off when they leave.  A patented Ambient Light Detect can also sense daylight so lights only turn on when there’s not enough light present.

>  Save up to 80% on your home’s hot water heating cost!  Rheem has introduced a new Energy Star Certified Package ready for installation.  “SolPak” includes a Solaraide tank, collectors, controller, multi speed  pump, mixing valve, glycol solution, (for closed-loop option) and thermal expansion tank.  Customers can choose a system with either gas or electric backup, and tank and collector sizes to meet their demand.

Diana L. Hoffman,  AIA



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