Tips to save money on energy costs

Here are some tips to save some money on energy costs by pairing window treatments with tinted windows.   The cost savings from maintaining a comfortable interior temperature can be enormous.

Change Your Bulbs

Many people still use incandescent light bulbs. Save money and energy by switching to LED bulbs.  LED bulbs are more expensive, but use less energy and last for a very long time.  Therefore they make a lot of sense for high ceiling where bulbs are difficult to reach.

The Windows

In the summer, tinted windows (low E glass) reduce the amount of sun (read heat!) that enters your home.  This makes it easier to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home, while using less air conditioning.  Also, light color blinds or shades can deflect a lot of heat.

In the winter, think of window treatments! They are much more than decorative and heavy curtains can  trap the heat in the interior.  Think of it like putting on a heavy blanket when you’re cold.

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