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New Homes

A new home design reflects the owner’s personality. Whether a client wants a comfortable Classic Colonial, a formal Normandy Manor, a dramatic Cliff-house, or a charming and romantic Cape, we start with program requirements and a preferred aesthetic style. The interiors are as important as the exterior, and our designs relate indoor and outdoor spaces for comfortable family living and gracious entertaining. We pay attention to all the details to create an exquisite, well-integrated design.

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Additions & Alterations

Older homes in Summit, Short Hills, Madison, Chatham and New Vernon often have elegant architectural details…in these cases, we take a contextual design approach and create a seamless exterior. The functional arrangement of rooms and varying ceiling heights create interiors that satisfy current lifestyle desires for bright and open spaces. If a home has no unique characteristics, we create designs that enhance the existing architecture, and transform a nondescript home into a showcase.

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Historic Homes

According to Historic Preservation Guidelines, additions to Historic Homes have to be compatible and yet distinguishable. We have mastered the ability to blend excellent design, today’s standards, and historical accuracy.

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Garden Rooms & Structures

These delightful spaces maximize the experience of being outside without the limitations of bad weather and insects. Views are maximized, and window walls and cathedral ceilings are common features. Spaces can be designed to be seasonal or year-round; they can attach to your main residence or be located pool-side.

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Commercial & Religious

When office and medical suites expand and/or relocate, it’s an ideal time to improve functionality, workplace aesthetics, and productivity. Churches need classroom additions, sanctuary beautification, alterations to modernize kitchens and bathrooms, and code-compliance renovations. Our involvement with these projects satisfies the changing needs of businesses and congregations, and our solutions enhance exterior and interior architecture.

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Kitchen, Bath & Specialties

Special opportunities exist to create uniquely personal environments in these rooms. Will it be a Tuscany or SoHo-like kitchen? How does a theme relate to the overall interior design? Will the Master Bath be a spa-like Zen retreat, have an old-world motif with a claw-foot tub, or a sleek sophisticated NYC interior? This room can have its own personality since it is somewhat separated from the main living spaces. We answer these questions as the design unfolds.

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Before & After

People love Before and After photos because of the dramatic transformations and delightful surprises. This section includes an assortment of building types…residential exteriors, retail and church interiors. The photographs demonstrate the versatility of Hoffman Architects and successful solutions.

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We have celebrated 31 successful years of designing beautiful New Homes and Additions. Our interesting clients keep us enthusiastic and our designs fresh.