Hoffman Architects provides full services.  What distinguishes us and makes your project a more livable and desirable property is: 

  • Your active participation in the PRELIMINARY DESIGN and DESIGN DEVELOPMENT process.
  • Talent, expertise, and attention to details such as lighting and finishes.
  • Thorough CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS which minimize costly Change Orders.
  • Competitive pricing from contractors, our comprehensive BID ANALYSIS by trades, and negotiation of the final price and contract with the builder.
  • Assisting the general contractor with the Permit Process, a window order meeting with the supplier, and FIELD VISITS throughout construction and project completion.

Project Phases

Preliminary Design | Design Development | Construction Documents | Bid Analysis | Field Visits

We have celebrated 31 successful years of designing beautiful New Homes and Additions. Our interesting clients keep us enthusiastic and our designs fresh.