Field Visits

Once the permit review process starts, there is window meeting to confirm all sizes, colors of exterior and interior materials, and hardware styles and finishes.  As the design is built, the Architect maintains regular communication with the client and the contractor.

Framing is reviewed in early Field Visits, and electrical and HVAC walk-throughs occur to agree upon the best layouts. In all Field Visits to the site, the Architect observes the construction work that the general contractor is supervising. This ensures that high standards are maintained.

Crucial aspects of the field visits include:

  • Examination of framing
  • Meeting with electrical and HVAC subcontractors
  • Resolution of unforeseen conditions
  • Creation of “punch list” which identifies incomplete or unacceptable work
  • Communication with client and contractor throughout the entire process

At the completion of construction, the municipality issues a Certificate of Occupancy. The client is able to move into their beautiful new space after a satisfying and successful experience with Hoffman Architects .

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